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career assessments

STUDENTS – Want to make the right choice for college? Know what drives and motivates you?

NEW COLLEGE GRADS – Want to make the right career choice? What type of company culture, size, industry am I looking for?

JOB/CAREER DISSATISFACTION – Want to work happy again? Find out what you should really be doing. Are you working with spreadsheets all day when you would be much happier working with people instead?

CAREER TRANSITION – Have you been out of the workforce for a while and want to get back in? Trying to decide what you should do and where you would be most satisfied?

Have you retired but not ready to stop working? Do you want some insight into what might motivate you for that second career?

Why Career Scout?

  • We use an internationally recognized assessment, Predictive Index (PI). PI was developed using psychological standards and guidelines recognized by The American Psychological Association
  • The PI assessment provides you an understanding of what you need to function at your best – what uniquely motivates, drives and excites you. This is important when it comes to decisions about your career, a particular job or an employer.
  • The PI Assessment predicts certain behavioral drives and motivating factors:
    o Your drive to exert control or influence
    o Your drive to interact with other people
    o Your need for change and variety
    o Your need for rules and structure
  • You will get a 30-minute consultation with a Certified PI Analyst to review your results via web or phone. This is not required but we highly recommend you opt for this to get a complete understanding of your behavioral profile.
  • You will get written reports to keep which include a Behavioral Assessment Report and a Personal Development Tool. These reports are very helpful reference tools for career planning, job searches, interviewing, employer choices and your current work environment. Also, there are a number of people that find PI helpful in understanding relationships and interactions with people at work and in their personal lives.
  • With our unique Career Scout assessment, we can help you discover what makes you tick so that you and your job are a great fit. When you are in the right job, you feel motivated, energized and engaged which just makes life better.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Get Started…

After purchasing The CareerScout Assessment below, you will receive the assessment link in an email within 48 hours from BPS.

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