BPS is licensed to use a workplace behavioral assessment (BA) that was created in 1955 by a former military leader that studied psychometrics and workplace psychology at Harvard. His ultimate obsession with solving business problems through the lens of people is how this behavioral assessment came to be. Several thousands of clients later and over 500 validation tests, this BA continues to evolve as a scientifically sound measure for behavioral tendencies in the workplace. This assessment provides insight and a true understanding of what people need to function at their best – what uniquely motivates, drives and excites them. This allows a company insight into what makes employees “tick”, how to best manage them and recognize the things that will keep them motivated and engaged to perform their best. Likewise, BA provides individuals insight into what motivates, drives and excites them and what they need in a job, career and employer to perform at their best …. to work happy!

As a Certified Analyst, I have administered hundreds of these assessments and recipients are always amazed at how “spot on” the feedback is for them.

How is this assessment different from other assessments? It measures behaviors, drivers and needs. It doesn’t measure intellect or character. There is no right, wrong, good or bad. The best thing about this particular assessment is that it takes less than 10 minutes yet it provides a wealth of valuable insight into people and their behaviors in the workplace!

How Can You Use this in your business?


Find and hire the right people

  • Job Definition
  • Job Fit/Gap Analysis
  • Selection and Hiring
  • OnBoarding


Build teams and develop leaders

  • Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Team Building


Build trust and manage transitions

  • Culture shift
  • Conflict resolution
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Communication & retention


Improve productivity and drive revenue

  • Sales performance and coaching
  • Benchmarking and diagnosis
  • Influence and productivity
  • Leadership for rapid growth